Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Monticello Trip

I've been encouraged to go check out Monticello,
in Portland, for some time.
Well last week my sweet fella drove me up.

And I just fell in love with this vendors sweet area.
Loved their work...

and totally drooled over some of their display pieces and ideas.
Like the perfectly shabby metal cart/carriage?
Here is the whole end display with the cart.

And how about this old rusty stove.
I have a round one just this rusty and
cannot wait to get it put into the store.

How about this idea.
Those cool white boxes are just garden boxes on their sides!
How creative is that??
(of course those metal cubbies are great too!!)

Love all the wire and rust they used for displays too.

I loved this clock in the back ground of this booth.
Hard to see it I know.
Here is the base of it....

And the top. Don't ya just love it??

And here we are.
What a fun outing we had.

I did find out at the end of our time at Monticello,
that the booth I loved was none other than our blogging friends
Annie, Fannie, and Abigale
(when you visit their blog. they only
have 1 post at a time up.
Click on older post to see more)
Monticello Blog

Now go see Kathleen at Faded Charm,
for more wonderful white delights.

blessings to all

barbara jean

White Wednesday


Grannys Attic said...

WOW I bet you did have a great time. I would have spent all day in that shop, it looks so wonderful. Thanks for sharing, Vicky

Amanda said...

Nice to meet you Barbara Jean! I am on my way to Monticello on Thursday with mom and girlfriends! I was already excited about the outing but your lovely photos have me counting down the minutes! I am going to check out more of your blog and become a follower. I would love it if you'd stop by and say hello when you have a moment! Best Wishes, Amanda www.onegirlinpink.blogspot.com

T's Daily Treasures said...

Looks like it was a lovely outing with hubby. Lots of creamy, dreamy items on display. Best wishes for the remaining days of 2010. Blessings for much peace joy and love in the New Year. Tammy

sissie said...

Hi Barbara Jean,
Thanks for the tour of her wonderful booth. I could spend some major time in there.

You and your sweetie sure look cute and happy.



What a wonderful day trip! So many wonderful whites!

Vicki said...

What a fun trip! I love each and every picture too! So much good stuff there. Happy New Year!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

more of my beloved favorite color scheme and with the black and ivory checked ribbon too!!

The French Bear said...

Love the treasures you found...someday I would love to go there!!!
So nice to have a day with each other and go exploring!!!
Margaret B

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

Keep hearing about it to and wow- I can see why. how lovely, what great pics you took-

Happy WW and New Years..


Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

What fun!! And oh how I would LOVE to go there!!! Just gorgeous!!!

Hoping you have a Wonderful New Year!!

Lou Cinda

A Cottage Muse said...

How fun...and you took some awesome photos!! Off to check out the sight...thanks!!!

Romeo said...

As I sit here calmly, I notice that purrhaps "she" has had to much caffiene or maybe sugar. "Her" heartbeat sounds like a biplane getting ready to take off. Except of course it never gets off the ground. This continues for several minutes and I think that maybe I'm going to have to do something with those Chrismtas cookies. This rapid heartbeat is keeping me from a very good nap. I look up to see if purrhaps "she's" getting ready to fall off the chair. Or maybe take off like a biplane. And then I notice. The photos. Your photos. Of the Monticello Trip. Oh dear. I see the problem. These photos have a stronger effect than caffiene IV'd straight into a main artery! I'm telling you - what a wonderful trip. But I must go now. I need to unplug the computer before "she" blows a gasket.



Dorthe said...

Oh this is a place to use houers in-love the style, and all the wonderfull things, what a great trip you had.How did you have power to leave this gorgeus place :)

Rebecca said...

Oh what fun. My hubby took me on an antiquing outing for by BDay in December-I loved it too. So many goodies there!

Faye said...

It looks like so much fun...so many neat things! I would love to go but it's a little too far away from here. Thanks for posting pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara Jean!

What a fun time! Thanks for sharing the photos of your day. WHat a gorgeous shop! I could spend a lot of time there :)

Blessings and Happy New Year!

Pamela said...

Loved all your pictures from your outing. Almost convinced myself I had the outing! Beautiful blog you have here.

Prior said...

Looks like my kind of store and so cool they ended up being bloggy buds! '

Happy New Year, Lezlee

She Uses Her Words said...

I've been wanting to go here for some time! Lucky you! Glad you and your hubby got to go. Thanks for all the great pics!
xo, Karen