Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Preserving Nature

 Sometiomes it's fun for me to get out the old dictionary
we used to acutually use to look up words.
The last few years it has been the drying place for 
wonderful gifts from the Lord that I find while on my walks.
 As usual, blogger lets some pics be right side up, and others not...
but today it does not matter.
The leaves are beautiful either way.
 This leaf is almost as big as the page.
The biggest leaf skeleton I've ever found.
 How about the two tones in this leaf?
and, in case you think I punched a hole in
That perfectly round hole is where a buy chewed.
 even scruffy leaves have a beauty to them.

 these two skeletons are so beautiful.
Perfect Fall colors, and shape.

Well, variety is nice, I guess.
For whatever reason a few of these pics are giant economy size.
What next blogger?????

Right side up, sideways, or upside down...
large or small.....
I hope your day is filled with sunshine and smiles.


barbara jean


Marydon said...

So love the gauzy sheer leaves, Barbara. Each season has its beauty, beyond compare.

Have a beautiful week.

Shopgirl said...

Fall is so beautiful, our leaves are starting to turn. I love this post, very pretty, nature is amazing if we just stop to look. And you do. Hugs, mary

~Sues Treasures on the Porch~ said...

Love this post Barb!! You asked me about Google Chrome and Gold I am not sure think Gold may be older. I never have the problems I hear others have now that I have Chrome.I did before when I used internet explorer for blogs. I looked for your email and could not find it on your page. Maybe it's me.Google Chrome is a browser and maybe because it is Googles it works better with our blogs I can download pictures faster and never have problems with comments etc.