Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fun Finds, Sewing Machine, and What Is It???

 Well OK folks. Here is the latest o the sewing machine.
That 'crank thingy' as I called it previously, is indeed the 'knee' pedal
as some of you said.
We attached it, hung it over the edge of the table,
plugged it in and the machine ran!!!
I threaded as best I could figure out, ran a piece of fabric
 through it, and it sews like a dream....
except that the tension is off and thread loopy on the bottom.
I'm guessing it is because I do not have the bobbin in right somehow.
I'll have to check it out via serial number and see what I can find.
 But here is something cute: see in the top bobbin picture that little button?
If you push on it with your finger it pops the bobbin up to get it out.
Isn't' is cute?? (OK. I know I am easily entertained.) =)
Anyway, this thing sounds and runs great.....
on to some new finds now.
 How about this sifter......It has removable lids on both ends!!!

 here is just an ordinary sifter, but love the creamy yellow, and green.
 some silver 'tongs' of sorts. What are they for???
 not sure. any ideas???
 And...mystery item of the day.....
This is silver, about 3" tall, sits, has 2 lids, with separated compartments.
Lettering: maybe E and H??
Thanks for all your help blogger friends.

have a great weekend
barbara jean


Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

What great finds..Those old Singers work forever with a little TLC. 1st time I've seen covers on flour sifters, I think the tong like utinsel was used for serving salads, but the 2 compartment item no clue I thought the Letters could be M & H
(mild & hot) will check with 2 90 yr old friends!!!! Good Luck.

Stella said...

Glad your cranky machine decided to behave. Love the covered flour sifter.

Mary said...

I would love to go shopping with you. There is another possible answer to the loopy thread. I found a tiny piece of thread caught in the hook thingie you slip the bobbin thread in. When I got that out it worked fine. Also you may have the bobbin in backwards where the thread is comming off in the wrong direction, that will cause loopy thread. and the third thing ck the tension dial, it may be set too loose. That problem (loopy thread) is fixable just takes patience (and sometimes a good sew machine mechanic. If you need parts etc I use in Dictson Tenn They have the best prices fast service and the most parts I've ever seen. Good luck.

Lea said...

Oooh such pretty things!
I'm so with you over loving thee ornate beauty in old sewing machines. I just planted one very much like yours in my garden. I had to take it out of the wooden piece to do it. But I love it.
I love your creamy sifter!
I see a nest in it! xoxo

Charmingdesigns said...

love that double headed thingy, hope someone can let us know what it is. I agree, maybe the bobbin is in the wrong way. Love that it sews beautifullly

Evy said...

Hi dear Barbara, I have the same sewing machine as you, (SINGER N°15K80), I published the textbook of instruction on one of my blogs here:, the page is in French but you can translate her easily with the translator. You have good no bottle (see drawing of the page). I hope that it can help you because it is a very good sewing machine!
The silver crowbars are to serve the pieces of cake store, it is necessary to open the crowbar, to slide the wide part under the piece of cake, close/to pinch delicately, and to serve!
Park against I do not know for the object mystery?!!!

Beautiful day

nelda said...

My husband says that tongs like you have were used in England to serve vegetables such as asparagus.

Do you love him Loretta said...

Don't you love finding stuff? I'm thinking the silver thing is a salt/pepper shaker/carrier in one!