Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blissful Whites Wedesday

Short post for Blissful Whites Wednesday today.
A lot of good finds this past week, just mostly other colors, and rust! =)
This bench is huge, and heavy!
Will probably outlast us all.

I finally found more 'affordable' old white windows.
Been out for some time at the store.
They are going fast.

 I know these are hard to see,
but they are the plastic pieces from the side of a birdcage.
I just loved the sweet dimensional design on them.
Someone wanted the bird cage they were on,
but not the panels. So now I get to have them.
To do what?? No clue. Just too cool to throw away.
(please click to enlarge and see detail better)


And lastly, here is a very unique piece.
It is metal, about 4". 
Must be some wonderful art this can be added to...

Thanks for coming by...
today joining Blissful Whites.


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