Friday, December 6, 2013

Fun Wood Projects

 Quick Project:
had 3 of these oak heat register grates.
Two sold as they wre complete,
and this one had slats missing,
so I finally did a little project with it.
 a Christmas tree.
(You could also get some weathered slats or lath, or new and stain it).
Took me about an hour.

 This I got at an estate sale last month.....

it was filled with these 21 drawers and were they
ever stuck in there, and it was all filthy.
We put it by wood stove for awhile
 and finally got all drawers out.
Now, decision:
fix the 'frame' it was in, which is pretty wobbly and coming apart,
or just sell all the drawers individually.

I love the challenge of putting it all back together, but honestly,
can make much more out of it just selling the drawers.

What would you do???

be blessed


Angie said...

These look like fabulous little shadow boxes to me:)

Jennifer said...

Such wonderful treasures! You do find some of the best things that are out there!
Love the dresser!