Wednesday, April 8, 2015

1960's? Haiwatha Bicycle

Bike one:
I got these two old bicycles from a gal at a sale.
All the rust, and bright colors just spoke to my heart.

Love the shape of this chain guard.

and look at this old baby carrier on the back.
(I guess I should not say 'old' since we had one
 similar to it on the back of my bike in the 60's)

and, call me crazy, but I love rust.
so this seat is wonderful to me.

Bike two:
This is the Hiawatha girls bike we got.
perfectly chippy rusty white.

And on this side bright blue and red chain guard.
Not sure why it is in such great shape.
Maybe covered more than the rest of the bike.
  cannot fine any other info except the Hiawatha name to research it further.
Hoping one of you readers may know. =)

and, rusty seat, again. just love it.
and a fun 'seat' or 'rack' ? on the back.

Thanks for visiting.
If you have any info on either of these please let me know.
Would love to know what year they were, 50's, 60's?
and if they would be worth anything fixed up.


be blessed all.
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lynn said...

love the rust, too, barb:) awesome finds, though, i don't know anything about them.