Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm Learning About Books

I have purchased numerous books over the 4 years I have had the store,
 and I'm amazed at the differences in prices when I look
  them up.
They seem to be one end of the spectrum to the other.

For example...this Jane Eyre/Wuthering Heights 1943 set I have now.
The case they are in is worn some,
but the book covers and insides are perfect.
 I'm not sure the books were ever even read.
 When I went to Amazon to check prices, they
are anywhere from $15.00 to ....hold on to your hats....
$1,000!!!!!  Yes, $1,000!!  Now, who would pay $1,000
for books when they could get them for $15, or $50,
or $300 or anywhere in between?
(is this where first editions come in?
and how do you know if you have one?)
 Now I know if you read the fine print, there are differences,
but I read, and I could not see that much
difference in descriptions of the shape they were in.
Here is another example...on the more
affordable side..=)
Flora of the Pacific Northwest 1973.
It sells used on Amazon for from $34-$157.

 Amazon will buy this one back for $28 in store credit.
(this is new to me).
I thought that was a great deal,
I do not have to wait for just the right customer to
 come in to the store and snatch it up for the $20 I might have priced it.
(My goal for the store is to keep it affordable and fun for people.)

 And here is a beautiful book!!
Janet Marsh's Nature Diary, 1979.
 It is full of her wonderful drawings and watercolors....
on every page!!

It is listed from $5.00 to $68.
Again, the dust cover on this book is worn,
but the inside is wonderful.
Because of what I paid for it,
I would charge $18.(+shipping)
(what I paid for them is always a big factor in what I charge.)

I'm hoping by writing this post someone may be able to 
shed some light on the why's and how to's of books. 

In the mean time....I will continue to purchase what I love and can afford,
and enjoy for them awhile, then pass them on to my customers.

Thanks for all your help

barbara jean

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Victoria said...

I've been collecting old books also and have had the same questions as you. I do know, from watching Antique's Roadshow, that having the dust jacket makes a big difference. I've purchased most of mine from Etsy and have seen such varying prices, I always go for the lower price but I make sure the book is in fairly good condition, as in has all of its pages!

This article was quite interesting and informative, here's the link:

Jennifer said...

These are all fabulous books! Sorry I'm not a hand at pricing them, but such fantastic finds!