Sunday, October 7, 2012

Little Blue Eyes

 Just got this book...
Little Blue Eyes...
 No author, date published, contents, index...
and it does not look like any pages are missing.
It does not even look like it has ever been opened and read.
 This is the back of the book......
 and here are a few inside pages
It has little poems by assorted authors,
some stories....and music.
There are a few references to places in England
 as foot notes at the bottom of the page.
 wonderful drawings.....
 I did not venture to try to open the whole book and look at it,
as it is obvious it has not been opened before.
A true mystery, and treasure.
If anyone knows anything about this book, please let me know.
This, of the few pics I opened up to to hotgraph,
was my favorite. The caption, " I've been a-Maying...".
She has little flowers in her dress....
I'm sure someones May Day surprise.

blessings all

barbara jean


The Polka Dot Closet said...

I tried looking this book up at it is where I always search for books and ALWAYS find them, but this book is not listed! What a mystery...Maybe a treasure!


Stephanie said...

What a sweet and precious book! I am a lover of books and older books are very special.
Have a great day!


Lululiz said...

Oh you found a real treasure there, what a gorgeous book! Those illustrations are just so cute.

She Uses Her Words said...

What a great find Barbara! You sure do have a knack for finding great stuff! I know I am one of many who appreciates your sharing.
Thank you! xoxo, Karen