Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This and That

 a new little display my granddaughter put together.
 new little crib.....isn't it sweet???
 it is smaller than a regular crib, and very old.
so cute full of treasures...
another display by my granddaughter.
 another little display..
and... anyone know what this is, or what it is for?
I know I have seen them on blogs, usually repurposed..
here is close up of little clip part.
they pull out on little springs to hold things...
but, what??

thanks for visiting.



Rebecca Nelson said...

I have NO CLUE as to what this thingy is suppose to be used for. But I'm telling you...I sure do LOVE LOVE LOVE that cubby! I have a big big big one in my studio and it's filled with laces. LOVE YOUR TREASURES!

Love you~Rebecca

Anonymous said...

originally they were receipt holders

Barbara said...

Hello Barbara Jean,

Never seen your mystery item and I can't tell from the photo what the size is.... Could imagine this item in the lobby of an appartment complex or hotel.... to hold the mail for the people in that appartment- or roomnumber??
I'm as curious as you are...