Monday, August 19, 2013

Newest Finds and Treasures

woo hoo. My Outdoor Bedroom was featured at 
Go take a look at all the sweetness over there,
and join in this Wednesday if you can.  
OK, here are a few of my latest finds.

 tennis racket holder, old CB radio, buttons, 
office goods, and that really cute little lamp.
(perfect colors, and it works!)

These are barn door cool.
I may be starting a collection....=)

This vintage paper cutter is only 6" wide!!
So fun to hang on a wall.
Uh Oh. May be starting a collection of these too. =)

My newest bread the green.

Grand Father clock face.
Also have innards,
and the cabinet. 
Piecing it all out. fun.

rusty goodness..
plant shelf, and more old milk cans.
I do love my rust.

And this last treasure.
Almost 100 year old violin. (or so I was told)
Neck is coming away from body of it,
but still has lots of appeal sitting in case, or hanging on wall.
Loved the case too, and below is a close up of the neck (or whatever it is called). So pretty.

That is just a small part of the treasures I have been finding lately.
More to come.

be blessed.
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The Feathered Nest said...

You always find the best stuff sweet friend!!! I hope you are doing so good ~ xxoo, Dawn

Tete said...

Love the outdoor bedroom! That is so cute. Love all your junque finds. Love the pulleys. I have a thing for them and have no idea why. Looks like you had another good haul!

ELENA said...

Hi, Barb! How I love your outdoor bedroom!!!! It'd be great for me to sleep outside, since we are going through a terrible heat wave (125ºF at midday!!!)...Well, I've been absent for a time because of my work and when I finally went on holidays....unfortunately burglars broke into my home and ...well, better not to remember it again!!!!
But I'm back again!!!! Just to tell you how I enjoy the marvellous things you find....that violin is gorgeous and I know you'll find a place for it!

Hope you're having a lovely summer!!!
Best wishes!!!

She Uses Her Words said...

Did you make the pillows on the bed? What a great setting!
Is the violin still available?
xo, Karen