Monday, September 30, 2013

Amazing Old Stamps

 I came across a bag of old stamps,
some wood, some metal.
I'm not sure what some of them represent,
as the one above.
If you recognize any of them,
please let me know.

 This is a wood backed stamp, and is for Super Feeds Mix,
whatever that is.

 American Legion Auxiliary stamp, wood back.

 This one is so worn, I could not even figure out what it was supposed to be.

 This one, for Vardmark Enterprises, has a wood back.

 and this design....any clues?
It is solid steel.

This one is FFA Vocational Agriculture..

And this, well, best for last.
The 1859 State Seal of Oregon.

 According to ORS 186.020, the seal consists of an outer ring with the text "State of Oregon", "1859". The inner circle contains an American eagle atop a shield. The shield depicts mountains, an elk, a covered wagon, and the Pacific Ocean. In the ocean, a British man-of-war is departing and an American steamer is arriving, symbolizing the end of British rule in the Oregon Country.[4] The elk represents the plentiful game found in the state.[3] The second quartering shows a sheaf, a plow, and a pickaxe. These symbolize mining and husbandry.[3] The banner is inscribed "The Union". Thirty-three stars surrounding the shield represent the number of states upon Oregon's entry into the union in 1859.

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Faye Henry said...

Those are awesome.. What a great find, Terri.. God bless..

Sarina said...

Wow, what a great Find!!!

Okio B Designs said...

Ooooooooh, wonderful finds! Love the star one!


She Uses Her Words said...

Wow! Those are quite a find Barb!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

These are fabulous!