Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Treasures. Model T Headlamps?

So, I bought these lights and meal pieces...
I thought boat lights of some kind.
Now, someone tole me the one shown below is a Model T headlamp.

Anyone know for sure?? 
The glass has Liberty lens 1920 on it.

Here are some other pics of it...
Kinda perfectly tarnished to me.
 here is where it latched to something.

And here are some gauges I got at the same time.
No clue if to same car or to something else entirely.

And that is how I shop for my little store.
If I like it, I buy it.....
and hope someone else likes it too.
We have been open for 6 years now, and
steadily growing, so must be some folks out there crazy as me. =)

Thanks for visiting.


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