Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Camera Buffs???

 hey you vintage camera buffs out there!

I bought this case and figured out it is for holding 12 rolls of film.
 Here it is open, and in the bottom is the long belt that went around it.
missing buckle.
It is 7x6x2"

Anyone know anything about it?
Trying to figure out selling price, history.



Faye Henry said...

Hi Terri... My hubby collects vintage cameras.. I asked him but he did not know, either.. Hope someone lets you know.. God bless. xo

Tete said...

My guess, from the style- 30s-40s. Used to store extra rolls of 35mm film. Would have been used by someone who took a lot of photos, professional or amateur with some money. Probably developed their own photos, too. Could have even been used during WWII. Nice item. Extra padding makes me think of a traveler.