Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Treasures and Creations

 We have gathered a lot of treasures lately,
 like this trundle bed back and ends.

 you know how I love my rust....
here are a few finds.

 old windows, boxes, buckets....garden treasures galore.

and this rusty old egg scale. LOVE!!

thanks for the visit.
be blessed


Katalina Jewelry said...

Hi Barb - I always know that I can stop in at your blog or store to get my rusty goodness fix! Love your style!

cynthia lee designs said...

Great treasures. Love the clock!

Tete said...

I love all the finds! I don't know where you go, but its hard to find all that cool around here anymore. Not without paying a high price tag. Love the clock.

Nancy Happily said...

Hi Barbara, Wish I was in Oregon everytime I see your blog. Especially today! Gosh, the trundle bed and leather film case sure caught my eye. You always find the best!

As far as finding the price for the leather film case, have you tried looking for a photograghy collectibles site? Just a thought.
Good Luck!