Thursday, September 4, 2008


Boy did I hit the jackpot Wednesday!!!
I found a great little display piece, cute things for the "girly, girly, pretty in pink" area, some beautiful rose dishes (love roses in case you haven't guessed), and some pieces to make wonderful Christmas or Fall swags with, (very unique. You wont' want to miss these!).

OK, I know you all must be tired of hearing about these things, and can't see them!!
Any day now I'm going to get a camera, and make up for lost time.
The problem is, I know nothing about cameras, so have no clue what to get. It must be easy to use, zoom enough to get good pictures of my treasures, and not over the top price wise. Oh, I guess something about memory, or disc or something too. (told you I didn't know anything).

Update on website: Still trying to figure the whole thing out. Waiting for a couple of people who said they would help me, to get back from vacation. These are total strangers!! Can you believe that? Willingness to help someone they have only talked to via email. Gotta love it!

All for now my cottage and crafting friends. Hey, that's an idea. Maybe while I'm in limbo here, I'll write up directions for some little craft. Then when I get a camera I can post the photo and directions for a fun project. I like it. What do you think? I'll either post it here, or on my other blog. (

Have a wonderful weekend.

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