Friday, September 19, 2008

New Photos!!!

This is what you see when you first walk in the door. Can you tell I love pink?
In front of the pink children's' cupboard is a shabby sewing machine cabinet made into a lovely table. I'll use it for display till someone wants to take it home.

This is a vintage radio cabinet from the 50's. I love the carving on it, and I will use it for display till it sells.

Only $95!!

OK. We are having fun with this new camera now!!

This is an antique secretary that was my husband's grandmothers. Isn't it beautiful?!
We are not ready to part with it, but doesn't it make a lovely display for glassware.
All for now.
This thing may be upside down and sideways, but we are learning.
I will be having things for sale on this site, but not set up for pay pal or credit cards yet.
You can call or email if interested in anything.
Thanks for coming by.
Barbara Jean 541-688-5840

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Facklers said...

NIce banner , Really dresses up your blog. Don't suppose you can teach me how to put a banner on my school blog? R