Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Last Friday the new room opened!! Finally!

It looks great, and still more to add.
One side of the room is rustic kitchen, and lots of it. Vintage tinware, cast iron molds, and tea pots, an old ironing board, chickens (I still love chickens!). There are watermelon dishes, and pansy dishes, and vintage snack sets, old silverware, and cook books. And more!!

On the other side of the room is my pink area. I'm not sure how I get started liking things, but it just happens. I've been picking up dress up hats, and purses, doll furniture, and lots of cute little perfume bottles.
I refurbished a vintage vanity. You know the kind where the little arms pull open to reveal a drawer behind the skirt of the vanity? And the skirt is pink flowers (or course) but with a delightful black stripe in it. I covered a cute little stool to go with it.

I know what you are "where are the photos?!"

Coming soon! Promise!

Oh, Fall decor will be up soon. Stop by for a look.

Thurs - Sat 12-6
90034 Prairie Rd 1/2 mile N. of Beltline. Gray house with white fence. Across from Deli.
See you there! =0))

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