Saturday, April 16, 2011

Celebrating Spring, with my Little Friends

All my little friends want to say hi!!

They're just hanging out, waiting for blue sky.

Peeking out here, peeking out there.

Celebrate Spring!!

I think it's here!!!

Happy Spring Blessings
Happy Pink Saturday!
barbara jean


Sheila R said...

What cute Easter friends. So cherry!

Have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

BJ, thanks for the dose of cute spring images! We need it!
And thanks for all of your well wishes this week!

Jane said...

Hi Barbara Jean,
Your little friends have the right idea! I'm hoping to get out today and enjoy some of the spring weather too.
Have a great day.

kpaints said...

It finally is here too. Really cute display for Easter! Have a good one!

sonya said...

Your friends are the cutest, Barb!
Hugs to you.

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Cute, love that little chickie with the pot of flowers!

The Cranky Queen said...

Spring has arrived in blogland and I love it. Your little springy friends are too cute...Tiff

Rebecca said...

Sweet Easter pretties my lovely friend~ Thank you for sharing with us all the charming spring images...

Now Miss Barbara Jean...must tell you truthfully. This losing weight thing has been really, really hard. A huge challenge. But, after nearly four months of eating better and getting focused on being healthy again (people call it DIETING, but truly it's just LIVING!) we are both so happy. Today I marked a new milestone...I'm 10 miles from my goal weight. It's been a longtime coming! Thank you for your comments...means more than you know.

I hope your day is blessed today. Palm Sunday was always special in my home as still is.

Love to you~


Diane Mars said...

Oh yes Spring is here! Yeah!! oxox, Diane

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

So many cute Easter goodies here today!! Delightful!!