Thursday, April 14, 2011

This & That, Ribbons & Bugs

An old friend, that has to go.
When we opened the store 3 years ago, I bought
this big, old heavy typewriter.
I was great space filler in the 1 room
we opened the store with.

Now it has to go, as we need the display space, even though
we have opened 4 more rooms since we started!!
It is so funny to look back at how sparse our 1 room was
at the beginning. How on earth did I ever open a store?
I'll have to round up some pics to show you.

Here is what you find when you start cleaning and rearranging.
Bags of goodies! We'll peek in those later.

Here is one thing I found.
Anyone know what it is?

The bristles are very stiff, and that little black
part folds out. Brush too stiff for nails I think.

And what do you do with 2 drawers FULL of ribbon you never use?
100 yard spools! Some never even used at all.

And tons of those little spools, too.
Now I only use the oldish bias ribbon, cause it is so
soft and lovely!

Beautiful color....
(and some of the ribbon).

and love this dragonfly doorknocker.
Another find while cleaning.

So, more cleaning and sorting today.
Have you found any cool stuff while cleaning out at your place??

barbara jean


kpaints said...

If I were cleaning....I might find stuff I have forgotten about but I am knee deep in trying to get my trailer curtains finished!

Susan said...

Barbara, You found some great stuff cleaning. I have been finding things I didn't even know I had since we moved here!

A Shabby Moment in Time said...

Hi Barbara Jean!
Thanks for stopping by my site and commenting on my signs. You asked how I painted them so here's my secret. It's a stencil. Rather than actually stencil...I lay down the stencil, trace the inside with a fine tip marker from Michaels Arts and Crafts, then I paint the inside of what I traced with a small paintbrush. Sometimes it's nice to mix it up instead of just plain stenciling. It requires a steady hand...but it's sort of like "paint by numbers" :)
Have a wonderful evening. Love that old typewriter and just picked one up for myself actually.
Blessings and Hugs,

Jane said...

Hi Barbara Jean,
Oh there is no telling what I might find in my storage closet where all my stuff resides. It is a mess in that closet and I'm sure there's probably some pretty good stuff in there and probably a lot of stuff that just isn't me anymore. I've been trying to motivate myself to start sorting through everything but I haven't quite gotten there yet.
Congrats on your successful business....from 1 room to 4 rooms....I'm sure that keeps you busy!!

Shopgirl said...

I have boxes that I need to go through. I might find something that I need if only I could start the gleaning of stuff. Like my grandmother, I tend to think," I will need this some day."
I am so glad your store is doing so well. If you run across some old lace, let me know. I am looking for lace. Have a great weekend, Hugs, Mary

Mary said...

What do you do with the ribbon??? You send it to your good friend in Alabama named Mary so she can add it to her collection. I love ribbon and use it every dayI like all colors and sizes and textures.
Re: the shop bags that had stuff in them, I still find bags the came home for a shopping trip and never got unpacked. When I die, I am sure there will still be some more to find. I can NOT pass up a good deal or price. Hugs and keep hunting and if you really want a place to store the ribbon, send it to me LOL!! Mary

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Barbara Jean,

Well...I don't think you can ever have enough ribbon. hee hee :0) But I do know about cleaning out what I know isn't what I use these days... I've been collecting for so many decades and my tastes have out with the un-used and in with what I'll use! I'm sure someone would buy all of that ribbon from you! :0)

I do wish I still had my old got lost in one of my moves.

Thanks so much for visiting with me.

Pink Sparkles,
Stephanie ♥

Anita said...

Funny...I posted about cleaning out and finding that website address and you posted about ribbon...I had a bag of ribbon to send to Goodwill in the mix as well. Funny how we pick things up and then really don't use them, huh? Ideas change, styles change....

I agree---those necklaces WOULD be heavy!