Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fun Finds, Signs, and Rusty Hinges

 Found these last week. Can you guess???
 Yes, eye glasses. Old ones. Can can you believe a metal case?
I've never seen one like this before.
And what's in that cool little box????

 More eye glasses.
 Broken, and seen better days, but cool anyway.
Any ideas what to do with the eye glass parts???
 And what have we here? Totally boring, shiny mostly new hinges.
 But I fixed 'em! Soaked them over night....
 laid them out to dry....... and cooool rust!!! Ready for my project or yours.
Yes, I sell these and other rusty treasures.
Email or comment if interested.
 And here are some Fall signs I stenciled on old fence boards....
And two little sections of my Fall display in the store.
Click if you would like to see them closer.
That's is all for this delightful Fall Monday.

Blessings everyone
barbara jean

1 comment: said...

What great rust! That turned out quite authentic.