Monday, September 5, 2011


Has anyone been temped to go back to the old blogger???? There is a place you can click to do just that.
There are things I love about this new one, but other things I..... well, do not like at all!!!

I love how you can load all your pictures at once. Wonderful!!!!

But, I cannot figure out how to write under the pictures unless I use their little tool box that comes up, and then the font is so tiny you cannot read it.I did figure out how to change font size. One more step to do. =/

And I find their feedback box just as confusing?? Am I just a blogger idiot??
I'm not sure anymore it is even worth the frustration.

thanks for listening friends

barbara jean


Betsy said...

I used to go back to the old Blogger by typing in in the address bar. Now I'm wondering if that still works. Frustrating at times, isn't it?

Tete said...

I think I need to do another help post about this. I do not have trouble writing under the photos at all, I use the center setting. I am not sure if mine has been updated.
Let me work on this the next couple of days and see if I can do some simple help tips.

kpaints said...

I gave up on posting in blogger a long time ago and not regretted a day of it! I use Live Writer and love it. It's free..just type it in search.

Sheila said...

You are not alone here! I've been having trouble with blogger off and on. I don't know how to do some of the things like I see on other blogs and I find info they provide confusing. Today I was putting together a post, had quite a bit of it all written out, added a few pictures and bam! It locked up on me and even though I "save" periodically when writing my post it only saved part of the first paragraph! I use Google Chrome and have for a month now but still having trouble now and again. Makes me crazy! Now I know I'm not alone.
Hopefully we can get through it.

Annesphamily said...

I am with you Barbara Jean! I am not very technically savvy! Argh...blogger! Someday I will figure it out!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

At least you were brave enough to try it. I thought I'd wait and see what everyone says about it before I switch...which I know soon enough I probable won't have a choice :/

Shabbylishious said...

I also recomend windows live write if you have so many problems. You also have options for more fonts there.Thats nice.
I dont hve any problems but i read many have. Only thing I have experienced is that I have to add myself back as follower in many blogs I already followed.

Pat Winter said...

I know you probably think I would know how to use the new blogger since I create a magazine however NO...I don't like it and have switched back twice,LOL. Something just doesn't appeal to me in the new blogger...oh yeah, I don't like it.