Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thrifty Thursday Finds

 Isn't this the sweetest baby pic??

 This is a cool old scrapbook.
Not really into ships, but love the embossed cover.....
 and inside is the greatest aged paper.
And look at this old can of Rose Soil Treatment.
Do not think I will open it. =)
You all now how much I love old watches and old watch faces.
Most of them do not work cause they have been wound too tight.
But when I would this one it started working!!!
It only has the minute hand, but really cool to see all the gears moving around.

Thanks for coming by

barbara jean
PS Tomorrow I will have a new project to show you!


Tete said...

I love those old embossed covers! Where do find all this stuff? I know you can't tell.

Lynn said...

No. Don't open the can of rose stuff! No telling what will come out! Love the old watch!