Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Old Art Pieces, Old World Santas

I did these pencil drawings years ago,
and had them made into cards.
(early 80's I think)

fun to go back through old files....

and see what I did back then.

I see a lot I would change now....

But they are what they are.....

and it is good to look back and see how my art, and I,
 have changed....
and to appreciate that I did the best I could with 
what I knew at that time.

so it is in life.....doing the best we can,
each step of the way.

Blessings as you grow


Hope this is white enough for 
New Linky Party!  Join the fun on October 24th!!!
 but just in case, here is another bit of white:
and a lot of joy for you!!


augcott said...

I ♥ them! Old World Santas are my favorite!

Karen Bates said...

So adorable, you are so lucky to have your art work from that time...most of mine is gone. You are so talented! I love this about blogland, learning more about each and everyone!


I think your "old" Santas are great! You are a talented artist!

Vicki said...

Barb! Those are amazing!! Thanks for sharing with us.

chateau chic said...

These Old World Santas are fantastic!! You're very talented.
Mary Alice

Di said...

Those are beautiful, I cross stitched 6 on paper and they are great but these are so nice!! Di

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

Your drawings are beautiful Barb! What fun to bring them out again.

Have a great day.

must love junk said...

Oh my I love them! Barb, those are incredible!! You are so talented!