Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ornaments From Years Past

 Each year I have done an ornament for our grandchildren.
(now numbering 5!!)
Well, I did miss a year....feel bad about that.
I tried to do an ornament that either
represented an interest the kids had,
or something they were doing at the time.
Strawberry shortcake, still a fave....

 Little bears...just cause I liked little bears...=)

 You may be noticing that most of them are painted.
I painted, and taught tole painting, for 25 years.

So each year I would cut the wood,
or some times my sweet fella would cut it out,
and I would paint it.
Theses are pics of just a few.



 ducks...( this is a University of Oregon Duck.
My daughter and son-in-law both graduated from there)
and the kids are big Duck fans.

 trucks for the little guy.....U of O...again. =)


 I did a United Parcel Service truck, (not seen)
 cause that is where their Daddy works.

 a non-painted little nest in a cone....
just for a change from painting.

and ballerinas....which 2 of the girls still love!

So, I missed a year, or maybe even two...
and now I'd better get going on more ornaments.

Another painted one, even though I do not paint any more...
they pack up nice....for storing.

Or, maybe I will find some other art form,
equally storable, but fun and new. =)

Any fun ideas???

4 girls, 1 boy.

Christmas Blessings everyone.


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She Uses Her Words said...

Wow Barb, those are wonderful! What memories they'll have. Maybe do some of your lace bags with something peeking out of them. Except for the boy of course. Your ornaments are a real treasure!
xoxo, Karen