Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Updates

How about this cute snowman painted on a cupboard door.
He's sold ($28) but i can do another one for you.
There's also a smaller size only $22.
How about this for some glitz!!
It's a black bird cage filled with sparkly gold for the holidays.
Easily taken out to decorate for the next occasion.
Only $22. This is a one of a kind item.
Approx. 12' wide and 22" tall.
(Just a guess. Forgot to measure) =0)

Take a look at these cute purses!
Only 3 left. They are full of all kinds
of pockets inside which makes it
easy to keep organized. Thanks to all who have been coming by the store, and responding to our ads.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Jen r. said...

Thanks for joining in on the party! You have such cute stuff!!!