Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pumpkins Galore

As you can see I have been busy, busy, making stuffed pumpkins.
(about 18 now).
The more I did the fancier they got.
The dark colored on is the bottom of a skirt I bought and was too long. There are 2 of them and they turned out so cute I thought about cutting up the rest of the skirt!!
(Decided I needed the skirt more than a few more pumpkins). =0)
I think in these photos the gold colored ones are my favorite. Of course I am partial to Fall colors since I am a redhead.
Pumpkins range from $7-12, depending on size and fabric.
The other photo is of a 'welcome' sign. I do these to order and they are $10.
More new items every day, and Christmas is coming, this week!! (well, thankfully, we are only decorating for it this week, and you have a few more weeks till it actually gets here.) Whew!!
Shop is at 90034 Prairie Rd, Eugene
open Thurs-Sat 12-6

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