Friday, November 28, 2008

More new things.

I am having so much fun making the Victorian stockings. I have 7 done now, and as soon as i get done writing this i will go start another one.

I suppose i could them done faster if i just did them all the same, but the fun for me is to make each one a bit different from the last. And since the 'tag' line for the store is
"A unique collection of old and new", seems only right to have some one- of -a -kind items.

So, above is what i start with: a pile of fabric, trim, pattern i figured out ( how hard can a stocking be?). Add to the mix some jewelry, buttons and any other scraps of anything i can find, and you have the makings of a stocking.
Back to more fun!!


IsabellaCloset said...

Hello! Time for another of my banner give-a-ways..
Leave a comment on my post.
I'll draw a winner on
Thursday Dec 4..
Thanks! ~Mary~:-}

Dawnie said...

Hello! I'm Dawn from Wisconsin. I came across your blog from out visiting other blogs.

Congrats to you for opening your shop! You have wonderful items and I love your pictures!
I'll be back!

Tootsie said...

they are wonderful!!! a few years back I bought an old fur coat at a thrift store and used the fur on some stockings...they turned out very nice...I like what you have done here and that you are having so much fun makes it even better!