Friday, November 14, 2008

What's new and exciting? LOTS!!

snowman SOLD

You've probably already figured out that i like a lot of different things, and you've seen some of my Victorian rose tea paintings, but how about all this primitive?
The top guy is a primitive snowman about 10" wide and 9" high. He's about as rustic as they get,
with his wool scarf, and greenery and tree limbs around him. And he has a big heart!
The old windows over the fireplace are "housing" 2 crackled geese one of my students made.
$15 for the pair!!! (I'll part with the old window frame for another $15). =0)
The 3rd photo is a little Fall area and some items were gone before i even got the photo on here.
Pumpkins: $10-12 , Harvest star $10 (1 left), finials $4, Harvest Box (1 left) $18, lovely one-or-a-kind bowl is $14.
The bottom photo is the fireplace area. The ornament across the front of the mantle are $3-$3.50 and believe it or not, the same gal that did the geese did those delicate ornaments!
The stockings ($4 ea) were hung by the chimney...
Things are changing before i can even get the photos on here.
If you see anything you you are interested in let me know.
Holiday Faire is this weekend and next weekend (Thurs-Sat) 10-6
Come by for a chat. I'd love to show you around.
90034 Prairie Rd

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