Monday, January 4, 2010

Three or More Second Time Around Treasures

Three or More Tinware times.
Mostly very small tart tins. Most are from Sweden and France.
The small ones are about 2 1/2".

And here is.....

a bag....

of FREEE!!!!

vintage kitchen items
from my Mom.
(they were not my Moms forever, and used by her,
they were just things she collected and hung on her wall.
When they moved here she gave them to me for the store.

I love old cookie cutters,
especially old Gingerbread men, (or girls) .=0)

And here are some cool things.
A curling iron (how would you like to use that girls?)
That little strainer has a white plastic handle on it.
I've only ever seen wood handles.
Worth anything?

Here are some of my most favorites out of them all.
That old whisk broom as seen a few piles of dirt.
And look at those old huge safety pins.
Anyone know what those might have been used for??

This is not old, but isn't it cute?
It is a tea pot tea ball. Very tiny.

And here are a couple of


Anyone know???
Doesn't' this look like a duck head?

Thanks for coming by today.
Please be sure to go visit these other sites, with two great hostesses,
and lots of fun treasures to see.

second time around tuesday

Thanks Diane!!

Three or More Tuesday


Linda said...

Such great old kitchen tools and other items. I don't know what the duck head item is, but the other one looks like an escargot holder...remember in Pretty Woman how the snail shot across the restaurant!

Anonymous said...

So what will you do with all those tins? I have a lot of them too and have new clue what to do with them. I'm hoping a fellow blogger will have this great idea and I'll just do the same thing. You know -- sometimes it's nice to take the easy way out! But those folks I've asked have not yet done anything either, so perhaps I'll just have to put my thinking cap on for a while.

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Barbara Jean, my name is Bsrbara Jean, too! I saw your blog over at Shabby Chic Cottage and needed to stop by and say hi!
stop by and say hi to me sometime when you get a look like a busy gal!

Anonymous said...

I'm never sure where to find you, Barbara Jean, but I'm sure glad you're feeling better. I love the idea of a swag. I don't do a lot of country decorating, but I sure love making it and giving it as gifts, and who knows? Maybe someday I'll have an Etsy shop. I actually have one, but didn't have any luck selling on it. I made wreaths and florals, which I love to do. OK -- get some sleep. It's 1:00 a.m. here. I guess I'd better get some sleep too.

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Hi barb,

You got some fun things!

ClassyChassy said...

Great items! Those big pins look like the kind we used to fasten our wool skirts with - the kind of skirts that looked like kilts! But also, I've seen them used in barns where the harness racers put wool coolers on the horses after they ran the track, and fastened them with those pins! I can't imagine how they were used in the kitchen, dearie! Have a great day!

Poppedijne said...

All that vintage kitchen stuff is lovely!Quite a few unusual thing too. I have never seen that "duckhead" thing before. The little strainer with the plastic handle is nothing special. I have exeactly the same, but in yellow, in my kitchen drawer and it is not older then the eigthies.
But I love the slicer and the little sweepers and the tins.
You could fill the little tins with some small bulbs and some moss or you could poor candlewax in them and make little candles holders from them.
Enjoy your treasures!

Pink Princess said...

I have my grandmommy's very old curling irons. Also her waffle iron. She has used it even before she married my granddaddy and they were born in the late 1800's (around 1895 I believe) so the are really very old and I ♥♥ them

The Feathered Nest said...

I'm loving those tart tins Barb!!! I hope that you're feeling better sweetie ~ resting and taking good care!! hugs and love, Dawn

my home sanctuary said...

How cool. I love vintage kitchen items. I can just see them hanging in my kitchen. LOL. Cool things hope you figure out what they all are.
Have a great week,

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I use to have a wooden bowl full of old candy molds, cookie cutters, etc. back when I decorated with the country look. Another one of those things I got rid of and wished I had not.

Marcia said...

I remember my mother having some of those big old safety type pins. She said they were from the blankets they put over the mules at Ft. Brady where she lived near. Also they were used on Kilts both by men and women. The men usually were bagpippers.

CC said...

Hi Barbara Jean,
I love all your vintage tins, and the molds. The things your mother sent are just wonderful..I love them all.

Gypsy aka Tam said...

Oh Barbara Jean - you have such wonderful vintage items and the tins are beautiful!!!
Have a very Happy New Year, my dear friend, you have been a blessing to me.

Anonymous said...

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