Monday, August 2, 2010

Bird Nest Class Treasures

We had a bird nest class at the shop today.
The glass came up with some great ideas to put their nests in.

Glass dish with doily base. Teabag rose added.

This is a strainer brought from China by my brother.
Yes, made in China, but what they actually used!
See how foliage was added to the handle too?
And, lace trim, and rustic, gotta love it!

(this is sideways, sorry)
Old trowel with nest.
Love the rustic and fluff together.
Simple and sweet.

How clever is this?
Jean brought a mostly burned out candle and put a nest in it.
Great idea!

Here are several others that were made.
The one on the bottom left,is a candlestick.
I love the curvy lines of the base,
and the 'wildness' of the nest. So fun!!
(Click on pic to see it larger.)

Fun was had by all, and the gals did great!!
We all learned from each other,
and are enjoying the fruits of our 'labor' =)

And here are the sweet gals themselves!



and Jean

Thanks for letting me share a
Three of More Second Time around Nest Class,
and Anything Related too. =)

barbara jean

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Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

I bet it's fun to get all the ladies together to create! p.s. found you at all thingz related:)

kate said...

Oh how fun, what a great thing to do on a beautiful summer day, wish we could go outside here, has been in 100's everyday for 2 wks :)
love the nests!!!

kpaints said...

That looks like so much you had a great time. Enjoy the cooler weather, I am.

Robin said...

Wish I lived closer! What ingenious nesting ideas!!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Barbara Jean! Oh, this looks like so much fun, everybody working together!.. I love the trowel! That was my favorite!.. I wanted to tell you too, that I finally put together my own little "Pearl Jar"! I posted it today, if you want to just take a peek! With what materials I had, I did as best I could with it, and still I'm very happy with it! I'm thinking I'd like to make one for a friend now! ~tina

vicki said...

Love that you are sharingyour crafts with your friends!