Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun & Different Finds

Unique Flashlight.
Made in Poland.
Kind of a pump action to make light shine.

Basket of keys and 'stuff'.

Part of the 'stuff'.

Cool old coin purse...

clear from New York to the west coast.

Inside of second coin purse.

Love how cute and different these are.

Thanks for taking a look around.
barbara jean


Agnes said...

Wowe, that flaslight.
My parents had to use it in World War 2 and they used it many many years after the war.
I have now a modern version of'll never know.
Your flashlight brings a lot of memories back.
Thank you.

Revi said...

Yumm. I love baskets of keys, photos of someone else's relatives, rusty washers, and such. It's amazing how much detail there is in the old things compared to things today. Your post made my heart beat a little faster!

Thanks for your kind words to me today, too. See you next time!