Monday, August 8, 2011

Post Updates & New Treasures

This post is to answer some questions.
I did not know what this rusty treasures was,
but my friends in blogland did.
It is a Bee Smoker, evidently used to smoke bees out
of the hive to collect the honey.

And some of you wondered how my sweet
fella got the lock apart to get these treasures.
Basically, he ground off the end of the posts (all 8 of them)
at one end of the lock, then tried to punch the posts out from
the other end. It took a LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT!
The posts are soft metal and they just kept mushing instead of coming out.
But my guy will not let anything get the better of him.
So, one lock produced 18 of these great little pieces.
I would say, don't try this at home. =)
But if you do, get a set of pin punches, specifically meant
to punch out pins.
And now for some new treasures:
I got 12 of these bottles.
They are IV bottles, over 25 years old.
The quit using glass ones some time ago.
See the cool wire thing at the bottom?
We could hang them upside down and use them for....
something. =)
any ideas.
Got 3 of these little old chairs from Mexico.
Wouldn't they be cute in the garden with a plant
or a gnome sitting on them?

all for today. Trying to get my watches ready to post to sell.
Problem with camera and computer. Think they had a tiff. =)

barbara jean


The Feathered Nest said...

Good grief ALWAYS find the best stuff!!! I would SO love to go junkin' with you! I forgot to email you back about the clock faces...what I've purchased will be wonderful with me :) I've bought tons lately building back up my stash! Wishing you a wonderful week sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

Linda said...

Great goodies...I am especially fond of the the old bottles!

Mardell said...

Hi Barbara Jean,
I think this is the first time posting on your blog (which I love, BTW!) Those old IV bottles are cool. What about making hummingbird feeders? I'm almost positive they make connectors that can be inserted in the top. The little drinking spout etc. Pretty sure. Maybe you can google it.

Great finds! :o)
Mardell L. in NY