Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Little Black Books

"My Lord. My God!"
I love this picture, and
amazed the love our Savior has poured over us.
I'm not Catholic, but do love some of their books
of prayers and devotions.
sorry for sideways, but wanted to show you 1912

And this is the outside of the little black book.
It is only 3 x 4 1/2"but filled with wisdom and guidance
for our lives, on just perfectly aged pages.
This is the inside of the other little book.
It is like a passport size and thickness, and
is a membership to local 895 (whatever that is),
initiated 1917, and stamped for meetings in the 1950's.

That's all the book learnin' you get for today.

barbara jean

(as always, if you are interested in anything, let me know.)


Tete said...

International Longshoremen Association local 895- a union for dock workers.

Sandra said...

Beautiful! I am Catholic and I think this is beautiful:)

Vicki said...

Tete is right! I know many unions gave bible's and prayer books as condolence gifts for funerals. I have one from my grandfather's.

Betsy said...

Such sweet treasures, so well loved.

Miss Gracie's House said...

LOVE these too!

Marydon said...

An Irish Catholic here, too. Love this little book.

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Have a beautiful weekend.