Friday, November 23, 2012

Berkshire Hathaway Monopoly

 Limited Edition Berkshire Hathaway Diamond Edition Monopoly game for sale.
This Warren Buffet game was made in 2005, and only 5,000 were made.
 Brand new... all pieces still in packages...
This is a great gift for the person who has almost everything.
it has the rules...
 Pewter game pieces representing companies under Buffets conglomerate.
(not sure how you put this in business world lingo).
 ice cream cone for Dairy Queen
Airplane for his aerospace investments
couch for his furniture companies
Gecko for Geico Ins.
Cowboy boots for Justin Brands
and diamond ring for Buffets jewelry stores.

Did I say all pewter game pieces????

and here is the game board.
Click to enlarge....then click again. 
all pieces are in perfect condition.

so, I'm selling this to highest bidder...
on line price for the two I could find new was $139...

Please email your bids.....
will choose closest one to $139
(I think it will be open for 2 weeks. will keep you posted on that)

thanks and blessings

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