Monday, February 25, 2013

My New Organ......Parts

 I saw this organ at the Thrift Store today,
and fell in love with it!

 Those great trim boards top and front.
And the cover was a bonus!!
I didn't even know it had one till I'd bought it.

 I tried to remember to take photos as we took it all apart,
but of course got busy and forgot.
But here is the key board ......

(Someone has now told me these are called "stops".)
In the picture above you can see how far they go back...maybe 6" or so.


Here is the unit, with the name on it....
Marchal & Smith. New York. University Organ.
This company was established in the 1850's, and closed
in the 1920's.

Got the keyboard out...
this will be a totally cool sign....or several.
Maybe write across top....Sing, Dance, Play...
or cover with music paper first...decisions.
I think it is about 3' wide.

 These are the panels from the back.
Two great chalk boards to me....
What would you do with them???
 My sweet fella, working away helping me....
How about a smile sweetie??....

 This was inside. Not sure what it did either,
 but it was somehow connected to one of the 'stops'.
but can you read the info on it??

A.H. Hammond & Co.
Worchester, Mass.
Patent Nov 6, 1888

  These are the them.
Will take them off base and sell separately.


Here are more thingies... really dusty here...
Little sticks fell off in process...

 Here are same thingies all cleaned up.....

and close up of them too. no idea what they did,
but I'm sure someone will think of something
 wonderful to do with them. 

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Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Oh, wow! What a find! Can't wait to see what you make with the parts. ; )

Katalina Jewelry said...

Looks like lots of fun parts!

Dorthe said...

A wonderful purchase, dear Barb, and such a great idea, to take it apart and sell it in bits and pieces-
So many beautiful, parts there!

Tina Schiefer said...

Barb, will you save ECHO for me?

Veronica Smith said...

I just have to say i am devastated that this beautiful piece was dismantled. This piece was - as you stated - made between 1850 and 1920's.
Did you research to see how many from that company were still around? If all of these precious devices (not just organs) are destroyed for our pleasure what do we tell the future generations? Sorry - just my opinion. It would be nice to see how many from that company still survive.

Tete said...

Just went through all your posts to get caught up and that looks like a major project to tear down.
Glad you are selling things, too. That's always a good thing. Have a great day!