Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Piano (and organ) Graveyard

A couple of days ago I showed a picture of the beautiful organ we bought at a thrift store.

I showed you some of the beautiful pieces we were salvaging from it..See here.
 And here are a few more pieces.
Above is one of the ends. Both ends together will make
 a beautiful and unique table for someone's home.

 This is part of the inside....not sure what it did, 
but now re purposed into a photo holder.

cannot wait to show you the ideas for this great keyboard.
And below is the back piece. It is hinged and 
will make a great little divider,
or blackboard..... or ?
there would be some who would be very sad that we
 were tearing apart that gorgeous piece.

But please take a look at the 3 pictures below.
This is what happens to these beautiful old pianos, 
and organs if someone does not save them and re purpose them.
They go to The Piano Graveyard!!
There are several listed on the internet....

Piano Graveyard 
It made my heart sad to see all this beautiful wood, all the engraving,
the gorgeous stops, and keys, and other beautiful parts just rotting away.

So, when we bought that organ, not only are we
 re purposing it into other beautiful pieces,
but we are saving one more thing from the 'dumps' of the land.

If you are one of the people who we made sad by our purchase and use of it,
I apologize.....and do hope this gives you a little different perspective on it.

Be blessed everyone


Becky @ Vintage 541 said...

I think it's great that you are repurposing the organ and saving it from the graveyard. I love that hinged back piece and could absolutely see it as a chalkboard!

~~Becky @ Vintage 541

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I'm happy you see the potential in these old beauties just like I do, it's so sad that they ended up discarded this way. Even if just a small piece can be salvaged, then you're doing a good thing. Looking forward to seeing what else you can create.

Little Miss Maggie said...

Great idea to salvage the parts of the organ. I love it.

Pam said...

Much better off in your hands then Barb! Rather that than rotting away for no reason at all. :)
Like you, I'm all for giving new recycled life to past treasures. ♥

must love junk said...

Love how you re-use and re-purpose! The hinged piece will be fun!