Friday, February 1, 2013

Some Reds for You

Did some rearranging at the store..
Bits of this and that..

Tins...always matter what they are or were used for.

Cool 1970's Cracker Jack tin, and the lid and crank part to an old butter churn.
Cool even without the jar....

One whole shelf unit of reds here, and scattered throughout the room
Usually cannot pass up reds. =)

and this mystery piece. 
Just picked this up. Love it but don't know what it is, or is to.
It is about 2' long, and 18" wide and 4" tall.
If you turn it over on the other side it has hearts on it.
Can you see them??
Any ideas?? what it was or what fun thing we can do with it?

Thanks all for coming by.


must love junk said...

I love touches of red, and yours are so fun-especially the cracker jacks tin! :)

Tete said...

Love your displays, have a few people that I know who do reds to the max. Not one of my colors, but they do them well.
They would love to get into that booth.
I have no idea what the whatsit is. You will have to post that one. I would buy it for something...LOL.
Love pieces like that.

Lisa said...

The mystery piece would make a great canopy crown over a bed! Or you could hang it closer to the wall above a settee or love seat.

Elizabeth Johnson said...

Could this be something to hold a hot dish up off the table?

Stephanie said...

I love all of your reds - very pretty for Valentine's :)

I hope you are doing well. Have a wonderful weekend!


She Uses Her Words said...

I love your reds. How bright and cheery! I don't know what the bottom picture is but I really like the shape of it and of course, the hearts!
xoxo, Karen

Karen Bates said...

OMGosh, I love everything here! Of course, red for my the metal ring, not sure what I could do with it....but something! Heeheee

Susan said...

Hello Barbara Jean! It was nice to see a visit from you at my blog!
This display of reds is delightful. you really know how to put things together. I love that mystery piece, too. It almost looks like a big crown!
xo, Susan

Elizabeth Johnson said...

Hmmmm I thought I left a comment on this post yesterday. Must have been a blogger glitch. I wonder if the hearted metal ring is to hold hot casserole dishes up off the table. Is it sturdy enough for that?
Thank you for stopping by my blog. Yes, the images in the background and banner are my own drawings.

Angela Swanson said...

You have a talent for setting up a display of items. You pictures on your post look incredible. You have just enough red that it isn't overpowering. I love the metal circle thingy. It is very interesting it does get the creative juices flowing doesn't it?

Corry said...

Mooie foto's en de cracker jack bus vind ik heel mooi .Ook het rood vind ik heel mooi
Groetjes Corry

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

love the RED.... love it

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Love all your reds especially the Cracker Jack tin. I'm not sure what the what's it was, almost looks like it was part of a hanging lamp at one time. No doubt you'll do something fabulous with it.

Shopgirl said...

Love all this kitchen is in reds. Big Hugs, Mary

Shopgirl said...

What a great pretty. I see all kinds of ways to use them.
I hope your day is special...Hugs, Mary