Thursday, July 23, 2009

Get R Done Friday

It's Get R Done Friday

Here are some little things i got done this week.

Remember this green plaque?

I primed it....

then spray painted it....

and then came the challenge....

I antiqued it. (which was quite a process
because of all the nooks and crannies).
I think it needs a little more color
where the solid places are.
But i do like it much better than the green.
(had my years of 'avocado',
and not ready to go back there.)
I'm trying to decide whether to do the other like this,
or something different. Maybe black antiquing.

Project Two

I sprayed one of these...

And put burlap in it,
then a pot,
then a lavender plant.

I thought for sure i could smell
the lavender as i worked on this.

Which gave me another idea.
A mini lavender sachet to tuck inside.
Then your real looking, artificial lavender plant,
would actually smell like lavender and seem even more real!

Love it!!!

PS I would use something other than
the big twine for the next one.
Maybe a black ribbon, with a buckle on it.

Project Three

I had an idea.
So I gathered these things up.

Can you guess what it is going to be? =0)

Oh you guessed it!!
A bird nest of course!
But this one is under a dome, a mini dome.

This dome is only about 3 tall,
and is actually an upside down votive holder.
You know, the kind you put in sconces.
I'm just lovin' it and have a few more 'domes' I can make up.
i will post it in the shop soon.

Those are my projects this week.
If you have any questions about how any of these were done
I'm always glad to share.

Now go see what Monica has been working on
at Expressly Corgi
and take the challenge to
Get R Done
for next week.

Barbara Jean


Cindy Shea said...

What a great idea Barb. I have some amber colored sconces that I purchased from a Home Interiors party years ago that I have only used two of. They came in a box of 6. Now I know what I can make out of the rest of them. :)

ClassyChassy said...

Adorable - you are so creatively clever - especially when it comes to the birdies and their nests - always one tucked in somewhere, isn't there? Thanks for joining GET R DONE again this week - you're a rare treasure!


Barbara Jean...I love it! You really know how to GET R DONE! You are welcome to come on over and help me get some of my projects done as heaven knows I have 100's started! So come on over and visit...oh and bring the spraypaint...

Angela said...

Looks like you Got a Lot Done this week! I love the little bird's nest! I do love my birds! lol

Get R Done!!!


Lynn said...

I like what you have been doing.
I, too, have done the avocado years and am done with it.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

You got a lot get r done projects done this week. I agree, I have had my day with Avocado and don't want to go back.
I love the little bird nest under the glass, so neat.

Sammy Girl said...

Oh, Barb!
You have such a wonderful talent for making something out of "nothing".
I am trying to schedule a Eugene trip and want to include a visit to you and your shop. Will let you know if something comes together.
Betty :)
ps -- betcha avocado is the "new" color soon!