Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is White Wednesday over at
Faded Charm Cottage

If I could remember things, I would remember
if this is my first time posting for this or not.
But, since I can't, I don't. =0)

This will be short, limited computer time still.


Everything has to have a story with it, so here is mine for today.

Each morning i try to go for a walk.
I change my route for variety.
Since i have been 'building' bird nests,
I notice 'nature' a lot more than i did before.

With that in mind, this is what i found on my walk this morning.
I found 4 at first. They were along the road edge.
There were trees, but pine, Flowering Plum,
and blackberries do not produce anything like this.
So, what is it??

Sorry this is blurry.
(there is another pic of them in a glass at bottom of post.)

Now here is some cream decor.
I took some of the same elements and show them different ways.

In case you are wondering what that 'string' stuff is,
it is burlap string.
I got brave a washed 2 yards of burlap,
even though you are not supposed to.
It did great. Some strings came off, but i expected that.
It did not shrink. good.
And, see that little fuzzy thing by the keys?
That is a nest i made our of the fuzz that was
in the dryer lint drawer when done.
There was a bunch of it.
A bonus!!

Oh, here are my unidentified 'things' in a glass dome.
Nice huh?? What are they??

Hope you enjoyed my tiny bit of white.
I'll have it more together next time.

Be sure to go over and check out all the other whites.
There are some awesome pics!!

Blessings on your day,
Barbara Jean


blushing rose said...

Now who would have thought to use the dryer lint ... you are so clever.Very pretty. TTFN ~ Marydon

Lisa said...

Lovely!! Good job!
Hugs, Lisa

ClassyChassy said...

You look very nice in white!!! :)

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

It takes a special person to see beauty in dryer lint...good for you!!! We love the different shades and textures from the burlap yarn, the lint and the white fluffy things...sorry, no idea what they are! Thank you for sharing!

common ground said...

Thanks for coming by. Amazing the things you can find on a walk. Love your vignettes of white.

Wizard of Was said...

Thanks for dropping by. I love the "fluffy things" If you ever find out what they are please let us know. I love so much to use different white textures in my vinettes.