Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I love old pole lamps, well, any old lamp I should say.
When someone saw one i had
re made into a coat/hat rack in my store pics,
she wanted to to know if i had any others.
So, here are some pics.
Base and top of first one.

Base and top of number two.
This one actually still has the wiring in it,
but i think i would want to rewire it if i were really going to use it.
Of course, for a coat rack,
you do not need any wiring,
just a coat or hat to put on it. =0))

Here is a pic of the two of them.


Rita said...

I love lamps and lamp parts. I would feel guilty if it was all wired but....I love them to embellish my birdhouses. One of my latest birdhouses has a similar to yours on the roof. Barbara you have some great ideas. Ciao Rita

Charlene said...

I have an old pole lamp that I still use--I may need to make it one of my projects!