Sunday, July 26, 2009


This post is to those of you who host
'special' days of the week for us.
Some call them 'meme's'.

In taking pics for these different days:
Rednesday, Blue Monday, Flaunt your Red Friday,
White Wednesday, Pink Saturday,
I have learned to see things a new, fresh, and different way.
I have learned to be more observant of the things around me.
All the things God has put there for our pleasure.

The Lord tucks little bits of brightness into our lives,
but if we are not looking for it, watching for it,
we might miss it.

Would i have even noticed the white spot in this whole row of hedge,
if it had not been White Wednesday coming up?

Look at this white rose, put there especially
for me to enjoy while out on my walk.

And I might not have noticed the
progression of our tomatoes

If I hadn't been looking for something red.

And this little spot of red,
can you see it?
It is neighbors tree right before our driveway.
Can you see it now?

Can you see it now?

OK, I have probably made my point.
How many of these things would i have missed
if i had not been 'watching' for things.
Looking for bits of beauty, in unexpected places.

I owe, and give thanks to the gals
who take the time each week
to post these wonderful opportunities for us.
A chance to share what we are seeing in life,
and what we are creating because of it.

And I owe, and thank,
a wonderful God,
who put all this beauty here for us to enjoy.

The next few posts will be on
some of the things i have seen, and enjoyed,
on my morning walks with Him.
And some of the wonderful ideas, crafts,
and lessons for sharing here.

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean


I know there are myriads of other blogs
who do special days.
Please leave any you know of in the comments ,
along with their blog address. Thanks.

I will be doing some posts on the
others who host the creative,
reinventing, and gathering blogs, too.
Thanks to you all, too!!


ClassyChassy said...

You are such a special gal, Barbara - it's always a pleasure to read your posts! Have a great day Monday!

bj said...

This is a precious post...and I feel the same way. THANKS to all who host these fun days.
And, thanks for sweet ladies like you that appreciate all the hard work. I appreciate all bloggers as I know how hard many of them work to bring us wonderful posts.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Barbara Jean!
This is a wonderful post. This is true, how many things did we not notice before we had all these special days, and how many beautiful meals did we cook before we ever took any pictures of how well they turned out? Can't take a bite of anything without first photographing the moment. I too, want to thank all of the beautiful ladies that have helped us start planning special days of the week. It has given us special things to look forward to. Cheers to you all. We are clapping, so please take a bow or curtsey. Country Hugs, Sherry

Cindy Shea said...

Lovely post Barb. Are those Roma tomatoes you have growing? I have a pot growing in the back for the first time this year. Never tried them before. I ate the first one and it tasted a bit mealy...are yours like this? :)