Thursday, May 5, 2011

This and That

I love this purse!
Isn't it beautiful?
Click to enlarge and see the wonderful bead work on it.
And the top metal piece is a wonderful bronze color.
(hard to see in photo.)

SOLD! Thanks Karen!

This package of Fritos makes me smile.
Why? My daughter bought it and gave it to me for a treat.
So, I eat a couple at a time, and each time
I see it in the cupboard, I smile, cause it makes
me feel loved that she brought it.
I think I will save the bag even after the Fritos are gone.

Isn't this a lovely photo?
Not sure why pic turned out so hazy.
It is a huge enlargement and a bit hazy anyway,
but this photo makes it look worse.

And what do you think of this old door?
I took this pic the same time and room as the photo above.
Doesn't it almost look like a drawing?
Like it is not real?
This will be in the new room when it is finished.
A little chalk board, a bit of music paper. =)

Thanks for coming by
barbara jean


sissie said...

Good Morning Barbara Jean.
I think the little purse is so cute. Love that old door too.

My kitty is trying to help me type this morning! LOL.


Vicki said...

Hello there! I love, love , love the purse. It is a beauty! The door is fabulous too. Hope you are well a and that you have a Happy Mother's Day!

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

Fritos are my fav. food I think. And if my daughter bought me a bag - I'd treasure it too!

kpaints said...

Beautiful picture and purse. You always find the most wonderful 'stuff'! But the door for me...the best!

Rebecca said...

Love the purse.

Love the door.

But more than anything I love how you love your daughter.



Cottage Rose said...

Hello Barbara Jean;

Love the purse, so pretty.. can't wait to see the door finished,,,
have a wonderful Mothers day


Shopgirl said...

This little purse is really something special. And I am loving that door. Have a wonderful weekend, Hugs, Mary

Lululiz said...

Barb, the purse is just gorgeous, beautiful bead work.