Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday Critters

I love squirrels
This one was sitting on top of my bunny head,
but by the time I got my camera it had jumped down.

My daughter and I were on a house hunting drive,
and in the yard next to where
we turned around she saw this deer.
She asked me if it was real, and as I started to say 'no',
it ever so slightly moved it's head.

It was just sitting there in their yard!
So at home.
Always makes me smile to see God's critters. =)

Thanks for joining me for Outdoor Wednesday.

barbara jean



Plushpussycat said...

I love Outdoor Wednesdays! It is so nice to be reminded of nature on a regular basis. So glad I found your blog! :-)

Crystal said...

I love animals too!!! Great deer pic!!!

Ann said...

Squirls are kinda cute but they really tear up my yard. I catch them swinging on the bird feeders.

CailinMarie said...

Happy Outdoor Wednesday - your critters are fun! I love watching squirrel antics - until they get into my garage and make a mess. They do that every now and then! That photo of the deer is wonderful.

Linda Makiej said...

Terrific photo work!!!

Glad to be following you now...

Shabbylishious said...

It is fantastic to get visitors from nature so close. I rather want the deers to stay out of my garden because if they dont there will be no garden left when they left when they leave.
Your squirrel is a lot larger than the ones we have, also they are redish brown.I love squirrels, they are so cute.
A lot of goodies you have found now.Love those chairs.
Hugs and kisses.