Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Sweet & Simple Project

This is what my daughter made me for Mother's Day.
It is just so simple I had to show you.
Framed scrapbook paper, a dried flower,
and dry erase board pen.
You can write on the glass and just wipe off when done.
Is that great?
(enlarge to see scripture for today.) =)

A beautiful vase.

oops. sideways.
Going to look it up and see if it is worth anything.
There are numbers on the bottom edge too.

Happy Monday everyone!
barbara jean


Feder und Flamme said...

das ist eine ganz, ganz süße idee!

ich wünsche dir eine schöne woche

liebe grüße

Susan said...

Barbara Jean, your vase is really pretty!!

Vicki said...

What a sweet gift that you can use over and over again!

She Uses Her Words said...

Very cute writing board! I like the vase too. I tried looking up Wedgewood a while back and got totally confused. There are so many offshoots of the original! Let me know if you have better luck than I did. I hope you do!
xo, Karen