Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun Old Finds!!!

Quick post!
Old pokey things (what are they called?)
they used them in stores to put receipts on?
a vintage slide rule.
cool bases on the pokey things huh?

old tin

coool candy tin from Canada

Sweet bird feeder

with flowers on the side.

Hit the jackpot for rusty stuff at a barn sale in the country.
Will show more detail next time, but
in that mess are chicken feeder, hay holder,
bird cage, sooooo rusty, garden art and....

and this old typewriter too.

Anyone know how to clean it?
It is diiiiirty!!
I have another even OLDER one too!

Tuesday blessings everyone!!
barbara jean


Stina said...

wat een mooie vondsten heb jij gedaan veel plezier ervan.

gr Stina

Susan said...

Barbara jean you hit the mother load for nice rusty stuff!

Crystal said...

Love all your great finds!! Have not clue what the pokey things are called but they are great!!!!

Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Barbara Jean ~
Those are really cool finds!
I remember stores that used pokey thingies :)

kpaints said...

Love all that rust! Farms finds are the best! You did great! Is that picture frame for sale? And did you come up with a price on that frog? Have a great day.

Faye said...

I sure remember those pokey things so well.I remember the resturants used them when you went up to pay and after they were finished ringing it up they put the bill on the pokey thing. Never knew what they were called but I've collected a few just because I thought they were cool!

Ido said...

Beautiful finds, I specially like the old typewriter, just pressure wash it lol! and will be like new.

Lisalulu said...

I just love all your finds... rusty and old and then you always come up with the greatest way to re-purpose them and show them off!

luv2teek said...

Love your finds...the "pokey things" are receipt holders from old stores. The merchant would just stack up the days' receipts on the holder and keep them in one place for totaling at the end of the day. I used one in my antiques shop--it was handy.

pbrenner said...

Fabulous stuff!! What is it about old rusty things that so grabs our hearts and minds? I moved onto 7.5 acres last year, and the previous owners left quite a few old enamel ware pieces (trays, bowls etc) used to feed and water their cats - I also found some rusted milk cans (rusted through the bottoms, but still beautiful) and chicken waterers. As far as the typewriters go, I picked up an old manual Fox, and started looking for how to clean/fix it. This two site has some good info: