Monday, March 11, 2013

New Treasures

  Thought I'd show you my new lamp today....
and another treasure I just found.
So above is the top of the pole lamp I just got.

 I think it is a kerosene lamp, and there is still wick in it too.
Wonder what the glass part looked like.
(of course they are always the first to get broken).
Anyone know anything about these old lamps?
Just found out from one of my readers,
this is an Aladdin lamp, pre 1952.
Here is link if interested in reading more.
Thank you Granny Sue for this great info.

 Here is the base.
Isn't it wonderful too??

And here is my next treasure today...
Can you tell what it is?

Does this help??
Probably not, but love this old leather handle.

OK. Now I'm sure you have guessed it.
Yep. A vintage Victor speaker.
(is Victor short for Victrola??) =)

Hope you enjoyed my treasures today.
Oh, here is just a little something I made 3 years ago..

I really only added the song title across the top 
to a free graphic from
She makes the cutest things,
and and also does wonderful graphics she
lets us have them all to use for our art.
Do hope you will go visit.

Be blessed every one and have a great week.

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Granny Sue said...

I wonder if it is an Aladdin lamp? They usually had tall glass chimneys and usually a glass shade, often painted with a floral design. Here's a link to something like your lamp: