Monday, March 18, 2013

Rusty Treasures and Fun Ideas

 Rusty Treasures.
Yep, this is a pile of 'stuff' that I used the rust/patina formula on.
Rust and Patina How To Here
Some of these were new in the package, (like the little latch toward the top).
Some were used. All were metal, but assorted kinds of metals.
The watch case on the right was brass, thus the beautiful patina blue.
The thimble turned a bit blue also.

close up of latch.
also, thimble, right below latch. Can you see it?
It started to turn a bit blue.....

Here are some pieces I am getting ready to do.

Will show you when they are done.

 fun idea
an old wire basket.
I think it is about 18" across, and not very deep

It was hung on a blank wall,

 with some clip boards hanging in it, and a book on the shelf.
(Just the beginning of a cute display.)
Will fluff some fabric around, and maybe hang some old keys in there too.

See the picture above....the weird kind of really rusty thingy on the bottom?
Do you recognize it???

It is an old drapery hook.
You know, we used to hang those big heavy drapes with them?
(it is upside down here)
They are perfect for hanging things over a piece of wire, and
easy to find at garage sales. I have a whole bag of them!!!
Who would think????  =)
(OOOH!! I'm getting another idea for them!!)

Cost of my project:
basket  $15.00 
Rusty hooks....guess  5 cents each.
clipboards/book etc...already had.
Thanks for the visit.
Be Blessed
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Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Your metal pieces turned out wonderfully rusty, Barb. I like the idea to hang the wire basket on the wall. It looks great!

Corry said...

Hallo Barbara

Oh that wire basket Ik like it very much
Yes, you can use it for decoration
Greetz Corry

Katalina Jewelry said...

Gotta love the rust!! :)

Debbie @DewdropGables said...

I love this recipe for 'rusting' metal, I had to pin it from the other post...I want to try this. I love the look of your rusty items, you'd never know they were not naturally rusty!
Debbie :)