Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bird Nest Building Part 1

Making your own bird nests is really fun, and, like anything, easy, once you know how.
Believe me, it will take you a lot less time than it does the birds.

You should read all the instructions before you start. (just like I aaalways do.) =0)

Supply List: now don't turn me off here. This isn't as bad as it looks! =0)

Long and thin birch tree limbs-10 or so (bring them in and let them dry a bit if it's rainy like Oregon. They will stay pliable for several days.)
Pruners or clippers for trimming
Plastic to cover work area ( this is a fun project, but very messy).
Spanish moss, green moss (I pull mine right off the tree, but you can buy it too.)
Glue gun and sticks
Aloe Vera or cold water (in case you burn yourself like i usually do)
Assorted berries, trims, ribbon, jewelry, yarns depending on your taste.
Very thin wire (may be needed for any places that won't stay glued together).
wire cutters
eggs (I use about 1 1/4" eggs for a 5-6" nest)

Preparing the Limbs

I use the limbs right off the tree (extra messy). For less mess you can run your gloved hand over the branches outside to get any loose or dry things off before you take them in the house.

Before you start you need to decide if you want a flat nest (would go in a frame)
or a deep nest, which could go in a bowl, dish, cloche, or just sit.
For a flat nest do just 2 or 3 rings, for a deep one 4-6. I usually do 5 for a regular 5" nest.

Put your plastic down on the floor and work surface.

OK. Here we go!!

1. take 2 small limbs in your hand, between finger and thumb, and make a small loop. (2" or so)

2. Start winding the limbs in and out around the loop.

When at the end of the limbs, put aside. (if loop starts to unwind, put a clothespin on it to hold it).
Don't worry about any "stick outs" at this point.

Part 2 on the blog below.


Charlene said...

Dawn sent me over & I can't wait to try this out. Thanks for sharing. And I agree with you comment on Dawn's blog that a nest would make a wonderful 100th post give away! :)

Valerianas Studio said...

This is so lovely, thank you so much for sharing this tutorial with us!
I varied the design a little, here is what I came up with:

I enjoyed your whole website, it is so inspiring!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

I'm going gathering for my limbs today! Don't think we have birch but I'll find something... maybe muscadine vine.
I just love your blog, and was there this awhile ago and saw your cute nest and of course it inspired me again and here I is ONCE AGAIN!