Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've been Tagged!!

Oh Boy. What to do??
I've been tagged. I have no idea how to link, and no time to learn right now,
soooo, I'll try to do a simple version of something, and hope it is OK.

First of all, thank you Deborah at: the painted nest
and Diane at: diane knotts musings
for thinking of me. Hope it's OK to do one 'tag' for both of you, and take it easy on myself. =0))
Then the next problem is who do you choose to tag??? I have met so many nice people.

I've decided who to tag (but forgot to write some of their first names down- oops!)
Here are their blogs:

Marietta at: sweet old vintage

lynnes gifts from the heart

ksarrasarra at: ksarrarra

vintage bella studio (no name)

OK ladies, this is what you do. Think of 7 people you want to to tag, and let them know you have tagged them. Then share 7 weird, funny, or other somethings about yourself, and pass those rules on to your tagged friends.

Here goes:

1. I am wonderfully happy at this period of my life. Married to a great guy for 40 years, 3 great kids, and 5 of the most beautiful grand kids around.

2. I have not always been wonderfully happy. There were years i did not think my husband was so great, and I was hurt and angry, and depressed. (how's that for nitty gritty, down to the root of things stuff!?) The turn around was when i quit asking the Lord to change him so I would be happy! I asked Him to change me instead. He did that, and worked on Scott too. =0)

3. The Lord is good and greatly to be praised, no matter what the circumstances.
He always has the best plan for us.
(I know, that's about Him, not me. Regarding me- I'm a slow learner and just now figuring that out!)

4. I am learning to be content, and so glad. With the economy what it is, and my guy almost retirement age, I'm glad i did not bug him to have a bigger, better, newer house!

5. I just opened a small gift shop last May, and loving it!!! A dream come true for me. God's timing is perfect.

6. OK. something weird, or ? (thinking, thinking, thinking).
Oh, I can fly, and breathe under water- in my dreams. =0)

7. I am delighted, obsessed, blessed, and overwhelmed, by blog land, and all the wonderful people in it.

Thank you. And now for popcorn and a movie. =0)

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