Thursday, January 22, 2009

re: Bird Nest Tutorial

I'm sorry to say that I forgot my camera tonight so I can't load the rest of the photos for the tutorial on making your own bird nest.

The instructions are all written though, and what a job that was!!
I now even more admire people who do them now, as it is quite the process writing all that down as you do every step.
It is so much different than teaching in person, which is what I do, teach classes.

Now, the real challenge will come tomorrow night when i try to put it on my blog.
You have to do everything backwards!! Start at the end, and end at the beginning, with photos and instructions in correct order!!!

So, some big SOS prayers for tomorrow night. =0)

Think it will be worth the wait for those of you who are interested.

I will also post it on another blog, or at least reference to it on there.
Will keep you 'posted' on that.

Blessings to all, and to all a good night. (that seems familiar?)

Barbara Jean

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Couture de Papier said...

Cannot wait for your tute!